Scottish Head and Neck Conference

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•multidisciplinary care in head and neck cancer –Augmentation of optimal outcomes.


•Advances in immunotherapy in head and neck cancer Is it the future fourth sense?


•Recent advances in minimally invasive surgery in head and neck cancer -treating early and locally advanced disease including recurrent disease.


•Recent Update in radiation therapy targeting and differences between various modalities.


•changes in the staging system for head and neck cancer 2018


•Challenging cases in head and neck cancer and how to best utilize current knowledge for decision-making - Panel discussion


•Manage toxicities related to the management of head and neck cancer.


•HPV cancer update

Target: 2018 Head and neck Squamous cell cancer





Target Audience


All ENT surgeons, Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, head and neck surgeons, physicists, Head and neck nurses, pathologists, radiation therapists, speech language therapist, dentists and rehabilitation specialists.

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